Ongoing projects

For each category, projects are ordered by most recent update.

Reverse engineering consists in multiple steps:

  • Imaging all layers (requires lapping)
  • Tracing all layers
  • Extracting the netlist
  • Simulation of the netlist
  • Final analysis


  • Tics Capture - Automated microscopic image acquisition
  • Tics DZI - Deep Zoom Image generator
  • Tics Stitch - Image stitching [WIP]
  • Tics Explorer - Image stitching interface and visualizer [TODO]
  • Tics DZI Explorer - Deep Zoom Image visualizer [TODO]
  • Tics Fuse - Tiles fusion for image stitching
  • Chip tracing tool - Reverse engineering / tracing / simulation


Reverse Engineering

Winbond W538T808:
  ☑ Imaging M2 [P1] [P2]
  ☐ Imaging M1
NuvoTon W588C350 W65C02S 8-bit core:
  ☑ Imaging M2
  ☑ Imaging M1
  ☐ Imaging poly (✗ lapping failed)
GeneralPlus GPC3256A unknown 8-bit core:
  ☑ Imaging top metal
  ☑ Imaging poly layer
  ☑ Tracing poly / diff / vias
  ☐ Tracing metal
GeneralPlus GPC11128A:
  ☑ Imaging top metal [M1]
  ☐ Imaging poly (✗ lapping failed)
Nyquest NY5C265C:
  ☑ Imaging top metal [M1]
  ☑ Imaging poly [Poly]
  ☐ Tracing
  ☑ Imaging top metal
  ☐ Imaging poly (WIP)

Standard Cells Collection

Work in progress.

I plan to release a big collection of standard cells to facilitate reverse engineering.